Zippro School Management System!! – We make your school work!!!

make your school work

Zippro School Management System is your one-stop shop for the development of a solid school community.

Ultimately delivering high levels of productivity, efficiency, reliability, bonding and all-round control, it is a modular platform that brings together stakeholders, administrators, front office staff, faculties, students and parents – We make your school work!

Running and managing a school has never been easier!

Introducing – a platform that delivers

– more than 80% reduction of paper work

– more than 40% reduction in printing cost

– Robust report functionalities

– seamless and stress-less interaction between Parents and the School

– notifications via email, sms and instant messaging

– automated activity tracking system

– automated students and staffs attendance record

– CBT functionalities

– eLearning functionalities

– quick access to information

and much more!

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Zippro School Management System!! – we make your school work!!!

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