Zippro School Management System

  • Zippro School Management System
Student/Parent Access
Parents can easily keep track of their child’s academic progress from the ease of their home, simply by logging in and viewing their children’s information. Be it attendance or progress.
Teacher Access
Fast-paced and updated database of teachers allow you to view schedule of teachers, as well as assign them to new classes, without any hassle or issue.
Authorities Access
The upper management can stay close eye on the school’s activities and management, with the help of interactive modules and add-ons, together with options to customize.
Website Access
From School Calendar and events to student inquiry and application forms, you can manage your school’s website very efficiently and proficiently.

Online School Management Software South Africa | Schools Automation & Information Management System | Administration Erp Software Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Libya & Tanzania

Zippro School Management System

Product Features

Online School Management Software South Africa | Schools Automation & Information Management System | Administration Erp Software Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Libya & Tanzania

Zippro School Management System


School Website Management

With our user-friendly system, you can easily update your school’s website whenever you want, with complete convenience.

Inquiry Management

You can effectively manage and answer all the queries presented by students, parents, and teachers that may confuse or worry them.

Student Management

Now you can get easy access to any student particulars, like grades, address, extra-curricular, without the need to go through plethora of records.

Employee Management

Managing your teacher’s particulars, like contact information and schedule, is no longer a tedious tasks, while your teachers can also access vital information anytime.

Attendance Management

Break away from the conventional attendance systems, as you can keep a thorough track of daily attendance, whether by period or subject.

Courses Management

On a single dashboard, you can manage, organize, and view multiple courses that you offer, providing you better control and management opportunities.

Exam Management

By using our exam management feature, you can easily create any type of exam and set grading levels to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of all students.

Time-Table Management

Our fast-paced timetable features assists you in making, updating, maintaining, and monitoring important itineraries concerned with your school.

Fee Management

Simply track the fees and other monetary values with the help of our simple-to-use and efficient fee management module.


Foster the communication between the school, teachers, and parents by sending important messages, easily from our platform.
Custom report


Audit, manage, and review any important reports, which might be concerned with the activities in your school, whenever needed.
Custom module

Custom Module

Do you want something new? Are you facing hard time doing something in managing your school? Simply contact us to get a custom module made all just for you.

Accouting Management

This module, consisting of ledgers, balance sheets, vouchers management, and accounts group, can help your accountants perform their jobs more effectively.

Inventory Management

With this module, you can keep track of the goods in your inventory, ensuring effluent management, organization, and utilization of all your inventory goods.

Academic Management

A very flexible and diverse module, it can be molded according to your school or institution’s academic structure and system.

Hostel Management

Since hostels are also key parts of any school, this top-notch module allows you to manage the Hostel buildings, rooms, and any records of the residential students.

Library Management

A centralized and comprehensive management system aids you in managing and organizing book details, including date of issue, availability, and fines.

HRD Management

Your Human Resource Department can also manage its operations, like vacancy postings and interviews, effectively by coming together on a single robust platform.

Administration Management

As an administrator, you can have a larger hand on the supervision of your system, including management of activity log, database backup, and credentials.

Document Management

Together with this constructive module, you can manage all your important forms, documents, and data like a breeze, without any hassle.

E-Learning Management

You can aid your students in their intellectual growth by giving them access to tutorials, timetable, questions, and answers online.

What makes us different?

  • Diverse set of Modules for effective school management

    With Zippro school management system, you gain the ability to manage, organize, and review all the elements of your school, including students records, courses, and finances, without any difficulties and complications.
  • Flexibility and constant updates to provide you better support

    Our friendly and professional staff utilizes the best of their potential to continuously upgrade and update the software. In this way, your school can keep up with the changing dynamics of the educational world.
  • Easy to use and manage for greater degree of administration

    You can utilize all the benefits of your customized school management system simply by connecting to your school site on and logging in. No need for hardware or software. This makes everything much easier for our reliable customers.

Our Wall of love

School management system

Great Quality Product

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this endorsement letter for ZSMS. The product has really helped us in delivering our mission in the best manner. The web based program ZSMS is giving the teachers quicker and more convenient communication with parents. Other than the quality of the product this team has a very good support team which helps us to upgrade within a very short span of time with practical approaches.
New Hope International School

Jon Doe

Company Inc.
School management system

Product Quality

The product we have received is of great quality and depth – this is much more in line with our expectations. The product is customized exactly as per our requirements within a very short span. We are using the product since 2000.
Konsol School

James Gordon

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