Connecting Your Home with School

With MyKidsEdu App, you can keep track of your child’s school life, without any hassle and worries, from the ease of your mobile.


The top-notch MyKidsEdu App can take away the burden of your responsibilities, allowing you to ensure your child is getting a quality education, simply from the comfort of your home.

My School

Keeps you aware of what’s happening in your child’s school by sending timely updates and information, regarding anything new happening.

My Students

Gives you greater access to keep an eye on your child’s activities during school hours, deemed important for effective involvement in your child’s education.


Improves communication between your home and school with the help of free Messaging service, free from any sort of hidden charges.

My School

The MyKidsEdu app shows you up to date information about all aspects of your child’s school life

My School

With the help of MyKidsEdu App, you can keep track of all the happening in your child’s school. In this way, you can play a much better role in your child’s education, fostering and sustaining their intellectual growth, highly important for their success in the future, as well as career boost.

Key Dates

In case you face a hard time keeping track of important dates, My School can sort out this problem. Be it an exam, event or even a PTM. The spontaneous MyKidsEdu App never misses a date and makes sure you do the same. In this way, you can keep aware of all the key events, never regretting for missing them.


No need to stay unaware of anything new happening in your child’s school. Our fast-paced news updates instantly share anything the school wants parents to know. Whether the information is related to exam schedule or an event, you can get all the updates instantly on your mobile.

School Information

You can access all the important policies and rules concerned with your child’s schools that can answer your key queries, as well as sort out any confusion, which might be causing concerns or issues.

App Features

The MyKidsEdu app shows you up to date information about all aspects of your child’s school life


My Students

The MyKidsEdu app shows you up to date information about all aspects of your child’s school life


Our My Students feature provides daily updates regarding your child’s attendance, all the way from the teachers, important to keep track of your child’s progress on a daily basis.


No need to miss any important letters or forms and receive them directly from MyKidsEdu App, in a very secure way. You can also fill them and return directly to your child’s school.


Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your child by receiving regular updates regarding their academic performance and doings to ensure they are studying well.

Free Messaging

MyKidsEdu App allows you to have a better conversation with your child’s school with a free messaging service, which costs no time, money or energy.


Installation process of MyKidsEdu App

The MyKidsEdu app installation process is explained.Follow instructions to reach us

Step 1: Installation Screen
Step 2: Installing
Step 3: Installation done
Step 4: Enter School Id
Step 5: Confirm School
Step 6: Enter User Id and Password
Step 7: If New User It Will redirect to Member ship page
Step 8 : There are two ways to Activate membership
First one: Bulk licencing ( parent get pin from school )
Second one: Direct Purchase through Debit/Credit Card/Paypal

Step 9: After Activate member ship it will automatic redirect to Dashboard

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