Zippro School Management System

ADMIN INTERFACE: This interface encompasses all the major modules deployed in your school management systems. Have a look at the features of these modules:

School AcademicACADEMIC: The flexibility and versatility of the system ensures it can mold according to the environment and structure of any institution, as well as complete incorporation of the institution’s values.

School StudentsSTUDENTS: The constructive student portfolio can help you manage ample information concerned with your students.

Our Parameters:

  • Setup (Academic year, Departments, Course)
  • Master (Award body, campus, Biometric device allocation, and many more)
  • Timetable (Holidays, Edit/View Timetable, Absent Staff)
  • Admission Process (Registration, Admitted Students, Assign Term)
  • General Setting (Its allows to edit anything in the application)

Our Parameters:

  • Student Enquiry
  • Student Registration
  • Student Admission
  • Students Term Entry
  • Students Enrollment
  • Withdrawn Students
  • Student Details
  • Terminated Students
  • Graduated Students
  • Withdrawn Students
  • Student Details
  • Terminated Students
  • Completed Students

Student AttendanceATTENDANCE: Both students and staff can mark their attendance electronically, allowing teachers, students, and parents to access the data and administrative reports provided by Zippro school management system.

Student ExamsEXAMS: Information regarding examinations, associated with any courses, can be formulated, scheduled, published, and graded for students, teachers, and parents to view.

Our Parameters:

  • Staff Attendance (Teaching Staff/Non-Teaching Staff Monthly, Yearly and Detailed Attendance)
  • Student Attendance (School gate attendance, Campus Attendance, Class Attendance, Weekly Attendance, Monthly Attendance, Yearly Attendance)
  • Hostel Attendance (Building Attendance, Room Attendance)
  • Today’s Biometric attendance
  • Previous days biometric attendance for student and staff

Our Parameters:

  • List of Exam (Department, Course, Title,)
  • Exam Schedule (Date, Department, Course, Term, Exam, Start date, End date, Duration, year,)
  • Manage Exam Results (Search through Department, Course, Course Term, Subject, Exam), authorized user can also print the exam result for each student.
  • Exam Result Grade System
  • Publish Result
  • Exam Reports (Search through Department, Course, Term, Exam)

School InventoryINVENTORY: You can manage, organize, and keep track of the goods in your inventory, while ensuring they are properly utilized or consumed.

School AccountingACCOUNTING:With this module, your accountants can manage the accounts and finances in a far effective way, without compromising on the quality of work.

Our Parameters:

  • Product Category (Inventory Type, Name, Description)
  • Supplier (Name, Address, Email, Phone, Mobile, Description)
  • Purchase Order (Order Id, Inventory Supplier, Order Date, Status, Description)
  • Inventory Item (Inventory type, Inventory product category, item code, item name,units, Quantity in hand, Reorder Level, Description, Goods Receipt Note, Goods Issue Note, Issue Return Note)

Our Parameters:

  • Setup (Account Group, Account Ledger, Account Voucher)
  • Transaction (Voucher Entry {Account Voucher, Book No, Voucher No, Date, Ledger, Amount, Payment Mode})
  • Report (Balance Sheet, Ledger Summary)
  • Manage Fees (Generate Fee, Pay/View Fee)
  • Payroll (Employee, Issued Loan, Generate Salary, Generate Pay slip, Pay slip List)

School HostelHOSTEL: If you have a running hostel, you can administer and supervise it, with the help of our multi-faceted hostel module.

School LibraryLIBRARY: This flexible module allows you to manage everything in your school’s library, be it book details or reports.

Our Parameters:

  • Building (School Type, Name, Fee, Description)
  • Building Room (Room Allocation, Room Availability)
  • Issue Item to Room (Student, Item, Issue Date, Type, Quantity, Description)
  • Health Record (Student, Problem definition, Ref doctor name, Ref doctor address)

Our Parameters:

  • Master Record (Category, Sub Category, Author, Publisher, Vendor)
  • Book Record (Book Type, Book Wish list, Book Order, Book Receiver, Book Application, Over Due)
  • Transaction (Issue/Return by Students, Issue/Return by Staff)
  • Book Report (Book Purchase History, Book Students Status, Book Staff Status, All Books)

School HRDHRD: With the help of the HRD module, your Human Resource Department can cater to all of the human resource activities for successful implementation of its duties.

School TimetableTIMETABLE: This module provides you greater leverages to schedule and manage the itineraries of all classes and groups in your school.

Our Parameters:

  • Classifieds
  • Teaching staff vacancy
  • Non-Teaching staff vacancy
  • Vacancy Application

Our Parameters:

  • Automatic generating
  • Verification of the timetable
  • Complete print
  • Intuitive control
  • Simple data entry

School AdministrationADMINISTRATION: Fast implementation and configuration to suit your needs make administration painless and quick.

Student AssignmentASSIGNMENT: This centralized module can help you create and manage all the assignments and homework very easily.

School ReportsREPORTS: From general reports of staff and students to forum and enrollment, you can organize all the important reports at one place.

School Document ManagementDOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: File Management system can be executed very efficiently with the help of our multi-faceted document module.

School E-LearningE-LEARNING: You can provide additional learning support to the students by creating tutorial, questions, and timetable.

School ExtraEXTRA: We also build customized modules as per your requirements to provide you greater support in effective school management.

Student Parent LoginPARENT LOGIN:

Parents can individually login to view the progress report, attendance, results, and other academic information regarding their children.


Students can view their reports, exam schedule, requirements of assignment, and any other details online.

School Front EndFRONT END:

The informatics site can allow people to find facilities and information suitable for quality education of their children.

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